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Appreciative semiotic and hermeneutic practices in the analysis of ethnic minorities

Socio-cultural research of ethnic minorities, is a hermeneutical process involving simultaneously the analysis of discursive strategies available to communities (ethnic),and the meta-narrative material. The type of discourse research dominant in the community, produces changes in the social pragmatics of that community. Action research study presents the discursive strategy of socio-cultural action. It emphasizes on quality characteristics of the

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Perspective epistemice si axiologice in supervizarea apreciativa/Epistemic and axiological perspectives in appreciative supervision

Changes in the acceptance by epistemological relativism and many levels of reality are transmitted in the social action in the form of new conceptual paradigms Methodological. We identified two such paradigms the Postmodern Deconstruction centered social level to identify the social construction underlying understanding of reality by subjects on the one hand, and another transmodern, re-integrative perspective that focuses on the correlation and

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