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North Atlantic Oscillation projection on Romanian climate fluctuations in the cold season

North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) is one of the most important modes of large scale variability in the Northern Hemisphere. A more detailed regional projection of NAO related climate fluctuations over the Romanian territory is investigated in this study. Monthly air surface temperature and precipitation anomalies from 62 Romanian stations and NCEP reanalysis have been analysed to identify the local response to the NAO influences for the periods 1961-1990,

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Is the North Atlantic Oscillation a random walk?

The North Atlantic Oscillation is a major mode of large-scale climate variability which contains a broad spectrum of variations. There are substantial contributions from short term 2-5 year variations, which have clearly marked teleconnections. Decadal trends are also apparent in the historical historical record of the North Atlantic Oscillation and may be due to either stochastic or deterministic processes. Evidence is presented that suggests the

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Climate variability modes due to ocean-atmosphere interaction in the central Atlantic

Sea Surface temperature (SST) and surface wind patterns from the central Atlantic are studied using empirical orthogonal function and canonical corellation analysis. The data set, which consist of monthly means of SST, zonal and meridional wind components, spans the interval 1965-1987. North Atlantic Oscillation effects are revealed by the analysis of the tropical Atlantic variability. The persistence of a NAO phase for several years seems to be

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