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Paleo-mtDNA analysis and population genetic aspects of old Thracian populations from South-East of Romania
Microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) between basic research and clinical diagnostic

In the vast spectrum of human pathology, a significant proportion is represented by genetic disorders. To elucidate the mechanisms leading to disease, various approaches have been used: G-banded karyotyping and FISH allow the survey of the entire genome for large aberrations or analysis of pre-defined segments, while sequencing detects nucleotide alterations with the prior requirement of knowing which DNA segment to address. The last two decades

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Critical steps in tissue processing in histopathology

Histopathological diagnosis using Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) tissues is essential for the prognostic and therapeutic management of cancer patients. Pathologists are being confronted with increasing demands, from both clinicians and patients, to provide immunophenotypic and gene expression data from FFPE tissues to allow the planning of personalized therapeutic regimens. Recent improvements in the protocols for pre-analysis processing

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Chromosome Y Isodicentrics in two cases with ambiguous genitalia and features of Turner syndrome
Oculocutaneous albinism associated with multiple malformations and psychomotor retardation