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Non-resonant boundary value problems with singular phi-Laplacian operators
Multiple positive radial solutions for a Dirichlet problem involving the mean curvature operator in Minkowski space
Radial solutions for Neumann problems involving mean extrinsic curvature and periodic nonlinearities
Periodic solutions of pendulum-like perturbations of singular and bounded phi-Laplacians
Radial solutions for Neumann problems with phi-Laplacians and pendulum-like nonlinearities
Multiple critical points for a class of periodic lower semicontinuous functionals
Positive radial solutions for Dirichlet problems with mean curvature operators in Minkowski space
Multiple solutions for Neumann and periodic problems with singular phi-Laplacians
Existence of at least two solutions of the forced relativistic pendulum
Radial solutions for some nonlinear problems involving mean curvature operators in Euclidean and Minkowski spaces