Articolele autorului Mesaros Claudiu
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Abelard si respingerea realismului

The study is a synthesis on the medieval philosophical debates on universals from Boethius to Abelard and introduces the Romanian reader into the medieval debates on realism and nominalism. It is an explanatory study to the texts of Abelard edited in the volume.

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Despre conceptul de natura in Politica lui Aristotel

The article discusses Aristotle's use of the condition "by nature" in his description of man as a political being, in the larger context of ontological status of the realities existing "by nature" in Aristotle. Conclusion is that Aristotle's condition refers generally to individual substances not universals, therefore "anthropon zoon politikon" is not an Aristotelian definition.

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Ontology of Time in Aristotle

The thesis is an attempt to identify Aristotle's use of the term historia in scientific and philosophical works, discuss the meanings in the context of the theory of memory and answer whether there is a philosophy of history in Aristotle.

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