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Inclusion complexes of -cyclodextrin and carboxyl-modified -cyclodextrin with C60: synthesis, characterization and controlled release application via microgels
The effect of PVC on thermal and catalytic degradation of polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene by a continuous flow reactor
Considerations in the development of novel functional monomers for dental resin composite
Polydimethylsiloxane-silica composites. Influence of the silica on the morphology and the surface, thermal, mechanical properties
Effect of composition and hard-segment content on thermomechanical properties of crosslinked polyurethane copolymers
Synthesis and characterization of novel organotin carboxylate maleimide monomers and polymers
Influence of the composition of hydroxypropyl cellulose/maleic acid-alt-styrene copolymer blends on their properties as matrix for drug release
Study on metal complexes of chelating resins bearing iminodiacetate groups
Synthesis and properties of polyetherurethane urea amide acrylates
Conformational changes of strong polycations in the presence of divalent counterions and their influence upon the flocculation efficiency