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Functional status and pain level in patients with chronic low back pain before and after standardised exercise program
Quantification of citrulline and ceramide levels in rheumatoid arthritis synovial fluid by proton magnetic spectroscopy
Early diagnosis of secondary Sjőgren’s syndrome using complex analysis of tear secretion
Complex analysis of human tear secretion- diagnosis method of ocular diseases
A critical assessment of the information provided by H-NMR spectrosocpy of urine on the renal involvement in type II diabetic patients
Diagnostic and pathogenic features of synovial fluid composition
Identification of lactoferrin concentration in tear composition in diferent rheumatic diseases
Coziana Ciurtin, Oana Costan, Madalina Viorica Cojocaru, C. Deleanu, Eugenia Kovacs

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Viorica Madalina Cojocaru, Coziana Ciurtin, Elena Puchianu, Felicia Antohe
Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy analysis of synovial fluid – a possibility to detect potential diagnostic indicators for rheumatis diseases