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FPL-3: towards language support for distributed packet processing

The FPL-3 packet filtering language incorporates explicit support for distributed processing into the language. FPL-3 supports not only generic header based filtering, but also more demanding tasks, such as payload scanning, packet replication and traffic splitting. By distributing FPL-3 based tasks across a possibly heterogeneous network of processing nodes, the NET-FFPF network monitoring architecture facilitates very high speed packet processing.

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The Token Based Switch: Per-Packet Access Authorisation to Optical Shortcuts

Our Token Based Switch (TBS)implementation shows that a packet-based admission control system can be used to dynamically select a fast end-to-end connection over a hybrid network at gigabit speeds. TBS helps high-performance computing and grid applications that require high bandwidth links between grid nodes to bypass the regular Internet for authorised packets by establishing shortcuts on network links with policy constraints. TBS is fast and safe

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Supporting Communities in Programmable Grid Networks: gTBN

This paper presents the generalised Token Based Networking (gTBN) architecture, which enables dynamic binding of communities and their applications to specialised network services. gTBN uses protocol independent tokens to provide decoupling of authorisation from time of usage as well as identification of network traffic. The tokenised traffic allows specialised software components uploaded into network elements to execute services specific to communities.

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