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Pozitii de doctorat in bionanotehnologie

The Department of Electrical Engineering & Electronics at The University of Liverpool, UK, is seeking applications for 3 PhD scholarships covering the stipend and UK/EU level fees. Applicants should have an exceptional background in any Engineering, Physical or Biological Sciences discipline. It is expected that the students will be involved in extensive international co-operation as part of a large European FP7 project focusing on the use of protein

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Fungi use efficient algorithms for the exploration of microfluidics networks.

Fungi, in particular, basidiomycetous fungi, are very successful in colonizing microconfined mazelike networks (for example, soil, wood, leaf litter, plant and animal tissues), a fact suggesting that they maybe efficient solving agents of geometrical problems. We therefore evaluated the growth behavior and optimality of fungal space-searching algorithms in microfluidic mazes and networks. First, we found that fungal growth behavior was indeed strongly

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