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Origin of the mind; From viruses to beliefs

Traditionally, we explain human behavior in terms of “mental activity”. We believe that our actions are the result of emotions, attitudes, conscious thinking and personality. Subsequently, the brain has been regarded as a “Swiss penknife”, each anatomical part being a specialized tool for a certain faculty, the same faculties we found in the psychology textbooks. But what is the nature of this taxonomy, how was it established and how sure

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Learning tasks as a possible treatment for DNA lesions induced by oxidative stress in hippocampal neurons

Reactive oxygen species have been implicated in conditions ranging from cardiovascular dysfunc-tion, arthritis, cancer, to aging and age-related disorders. The organism developed several path-ways to counteract these effects, with base excision repair being responsible for repairing one of the major base lesions (8-oxoG) in all organisms. Epidemiological evidence suggests that cognitive stimulation makes the brain more resilient to damage or degeneration.

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