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Can in situ measurements of mantle electrical conductivity be used to infer properties of partial melts?
Arc composition at mid-crustal depths: Insights from the Coast Ridge Belt, Santa Lucia Mountains, California
Anomalous isotopes and trace element zoning in plagioclase peridotite xenoliths of Oahu (Hawaii); Implications for the Hawaiian plume
Late Cenozoic denudation, bedrock and surface uplift rates in the Santa Lucia Mounains, California
Constraints on the bulk composition and root foundering rates of continental arcs
Buoyancy sources for a large unrooted mountain range, the Sierra Nevada, California: Evidence from xenolith thermobarometry
Timing of high-pressure metamorphism in the Getic-Supragetic basement nappes of the South-Carpathian mountains fold-thrust belt
A petrologic investigation at deep-crustal and upper-mantle xenolith from theSierra Nevada, California; constraints on lithospheric composition beneath continental arcs and the origin of Cordilleran batholiths
The age and origin of a thick mafic-ultramafic root from beneath the Sierra Nevada batholith
1.57-Ga Magmatism in the South Carpathians: Implications for the Pre-Alpine Basement and Evolution of the Mantle under the European Continent: A Discussion