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Izvoare de demografie istoricã din secolul al XVIII-lea în eparhia Aradului

Sources of Historical Demography of XVIIIth Century in the Diocese of Arad This article proposes to pay attention on the sources of historical demography in the old eparchy of Arad. At the end of XVIIth century, the Ottoman domination in the zone have been filled with the domination of Habsburgs and the Arad city became a significant orthodox Episcopal centre subordinated in religious plan to the metropolitan of Karlovitz. For the reconstitution

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Habitatul semiurban şi urban în comitatul Arad în secolul al XVIII-lea

Urban and Semi Urban Habitat in Former County of Arad in XVIIIth Century This study submits to our attention some qualitative and quantitative aspects related to urban and semi urban habitat from the former Arad County in the eighteenth century. If in 1715 there were 6 market towns, at the end of the century were already 15. Based on the conscriptions, urbariums and census, I have tried to detect the evolution of market towns during the entire eighteenth

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Some aspects regarding matrimonial relations in the city of Arad in the XVIIIth Century

This study proposed, first, to carry out, based on archive documents, an incursion as regards matrimonial relationships of XVIIIth century with all legal, economic and social connotations involved. The marriage contracts studied fall into a typology more closely of what was happening in the same period in Western Europe than in South Eastern Europe. This is because such acts have emerged within the former county of Arad in the first half of the century

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