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Evolutionary and variable step size strategies for multichannel filtered-x affine projection algorithms
Memory improved proportionate affine projection sign algorithm
A low complexity proportionate affine projection algorithm for echo cancellation

Proportionate-type affine projection algorithms were devel-oped in the context of echo cancellation, as a generalization of the proportionate-type normalized least-mean-square algorithms. A matrix inversion is required within the affine projection algorithm (APA). In the case of proportionate-type APAs, the update of the matrix to be inverted is very computationally expensive. In this paper, an efficient update of this matrix is proposed and the

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A Variable Step Size Evolutionary Affine Projection Algorithm

It is well known that the affine projection algorithm (APA) offers a good tradeoff between convergence rate/tracking and computational complexity. Recently, the evolutionary APA (E-APA) with a variable projection order has been proposed. In this paper, we propose a variable step size (VSS) version of the E-APA, called VSS-E-APA. It is shown that the VSS-E-APA is robust to near-end signal variations. Also, it has both a fast convergence speed and

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Application of support vector machines with Gaussian kernels for overcoming co-channel interference
Pipelined implementations of the A priori error-feedback LSL algorithm using logarithmic arithmetic
The Gauss-Seidel Fast Affine Projection Algorithm
One scan shadow compensation and visual enhancement of color images
Fast block exact Gauss-Seidel pseudo affine projection algorithm
The Gauss-Seidel fast affine projection algorithm for multichannel active noise control and sound reproduction systems