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Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy investigation on the clinical lifetime of protaper rotary file system
Elaboration and characterization of the electrodeposited phosphates masses doped with various ions on stainless steel
Reduced inflammatory activity of RAW 2647 macrophages on titania nanotube modified Ti surface
Corrosion behavior of anodized TiAlZr alloy in a hybrid electrolyte at different voltages
Synthesis, characterization and controlled toxicity of a novel hybrid material based on cisplatin and docetaxel
In vitro hemocompatibility and corrosion behavior of new Zr-binary alloys in whole human blood
Calcination condition effect on microstructure, electrochemical and hemolytic behavior of amorphous nanotubes on Ti6Al7Nb alloy
Electrochemical behavior in simulated body fluid of TiO2 nanotubes on TiAlNb alloy elaborated in various anodizing electrolyte
The two step nanotube formation on TiZr as scaffolds for cell growth
Antibacterial polymeric coating based on polypyrrole and polyethylene glycol on a new alloy TiAlZr 75(4),