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Paramagnetic properties of Ni-Cu-Al alloys,

Paramagnetic properties of NiCuAl alloys are presented.

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Compotament Magnetique des Alliages Ternaires de Ni-Cu avec Au, Zn et Si

The work presents the results of magnetic susceptibility measurements vs. themperature to 1100K. The Curie points liniarly decrease with the electronic concentration of extra electrons of nonmagnetic atoms

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Proprietes magnetiques des alliages Ni-Cu-Si.

The magnetic proprties of NiCuSi solid solutionn were studied in thetemperature range 4.2- 1400 K. In the paramagnetic range the reciprocal susceptibility folows a modified Curie-Weis law. The ferromgnetic moment decrease with the electronic concentration of diamagnetic Cu-Si matrix

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Magnetic properties of Ni-Cu-Mn alloys,

The work highlights that the manganese atoms in Ni matrices determine a strengthening of the ferromagnetic interaction and the appearance of an antiferromagnetic phase.

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