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Optimized procedure for clay pillaring with aluminum species used in depollution

The study presents an improved method of smectite type clays pillaring using aluminum salts. The thermal programmed desorption procedure has been used to evaluate the pillaring process. The clays modified by this process can be used as molecular sieves in microfiltration or in residual water treatment.

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Electrodialysis of Ammonium Sulphate Solutions(II). Conductivity Measurement and Correlation

The paper deals with the conductivity measurement of ammonium sulfate solution in order to evaluate the potential use of the electrodialysis as a process for the ammonium sulfate recovery from waste fermentation liquids.The results obtained with a TetraCon96-1.5 conductivity cell for two temperatures and 15 different concentrations have been correlated by the linear regression method.The equations established are useful for the electrodialysis modeling

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