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Dielectric Barrier Discharge Technique in Improving the Wettability and Adhesion Properties of Polymer Surfaces

A dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) in helium at atmospheric pressure was used to improve the polymer surface wettability as a first condition for ensuring a good adhesivity in particular for a subsequent immobilization of selected biological macromolecules (heparin, drugs, enzymes etc.) on these surfaces. The DBD was analyzed by electrical measurements and optical emission spectroscopy. The polymer surface was characterized by thermodynamic parameters

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13th Conference on Plasma Physics and Applications CPPA 2005

Web: The Conference on Plasma Physics and Applications (CPPA) is a biannual international conference with topics encompassing the whole area of plasma physics and technology. The main purpose of the Conference is to present the recent progress in the research carried out in Romania in the field of plasma physics and technology and their applications. It includes results of joint research work performed by Romanian

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