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Fabrication and evaluation of a 3-dimensional microchip device where carbon microelectrodes individually address channels in the separate fluidic layers

A fabrication method that results in a 3-dimensional fluidic device containing poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) -embedded microelectrodes that individually address each layer is described. The two electrode-containing layers and the polycarbonate membrane are reversibly sealed together, eliminating the need for plasma oxidation during device assembly, while enabling simultaneous amperometric detection in membrane-separated fluidic channels. The electrodes

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Addressing a vascular endothelium array with blood components using underlying microfluidic channels

Here, we show that an array of endothelial cells, addressable by an underlying microfluidic network of channels containing red blood cells, can be employed as an in vitro model of in vivo circulation to monitor cellular communication between different cell types in the drug discovery process

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