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The Adaptive Potential of Reconfigurable MEMS in MIMO Antenna Technology

Part of a detailed study of adaptive radio techniques, the work presented in this paper focuses on the potential of MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) in reconfigurable antenna array technology. After identifying the main challenges and benefits of multiple antenna systems, we have analyzed the four mechanisms in which a multiple antenna system can improve upon the throughput of a traditional wireless network: beamforming, beam-stirring, transmit

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The Adaptive Potential of Space Diversity Techniques

Our analysis is performed in the context of a study of adaptive radio techniques, in the attempt to improve link availability and transmission quality of broadband wireless systems, and especially to achieve an efficient use of radio resources. We have established our focus on spatial diversity techniques, and this paper presents a performance analysis of transmitter and receiver combining techniques for indoor multipath scenarios, in the particular

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