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Manometric profile after Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication and Endoluminal Fundoplication: a comparative study

Laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication (LNF) is considered as the gold standard of surgical treatment of GERD. An emerging endoscopic technology, the EsophyX Endo Luminal Fundoplication (ELF, EsophyX™, EndoGastric Solutions) aims at reproducing the effects of the fundoplication by creating an intragastric valve with fasteners applied at the gastro-esophageal junction(GEJ). Both techniques increase length and resting pressure of the lower esophageal

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Tehnica Chirurgicala a Timectomiei Robotice: abord toracic drept

One of the most important advances in surgical technology in the last two decades of the twentieth century is represented by the introduction of the laparoscopic technique. Using the laparoscopic approach the patient is operated through keyhole incisions as opposed to long, traumatic incisions over the thoracic or abdominal cavity. Many open procedures, such as those for gallbladder disorders, groin hernia repair and anti-reflux surgery of the stomach

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Natural Orifice Robotic Surgery: da Vinci™ Longo technique description

The endolumenal surgery has tremendously been developed these last few years. So has been the robotic surgery. By combining these two recent innovative developments we may solve some limitations and open new horizons and indications in surgery. This work describes the Longo technique performed with the aid of the da Vinci™ Surgical Robot through natural orifices (trans-anal approach). The degrees of freedom in rectal endolumenal surgery are limited

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Dr Adrian Lobontiu: International Health Professional of the Year 2006

Let it be made known to all people in all countries of the world the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England hereby awards this exclusive testimonial to Dr Adrian LOBONTIU who has made un outstanding contribution to SURGERY And as such is hereby invested in the annals and archives of the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England as INTERNATIONAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR 2006. Given under the hand and seal of the

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Endoluminal Robotic Surgery: Zenker Diverticula Approach

Adrian Lobontiu, M.D. (1), Daniel Rabreau, M.D. (2), Daniel Loisance (1) (1)Department of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Henri Mondor Hospital, University Paris 12, France (2)Department of Surgery , European Hospital Georges Pompidou, Paris , France Abstract Backround: Two of major evolutions of the modern surgery of today are robotic surgery and the endoluminal surgery. By combining these two new techniques we describe a completely novel way of performing

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Robotic Surgery: new indications
Télé chirurgie, un nouvel abord chirurgical
Ce Robot c’est la Playstation 3
Des chirurgiens robots dans les salles d’opérations