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Possible effects of atmospheric teleconnections and solar variability on tropospheric and stratospheric temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere

Possible relationships between tropospheric and stratospheric temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere and atmospheric oscillations, solar and geomagnetic activity are described, using correlation analysis. The dependence of correlations on season, solar activity level and phase of the Quasi Biennial Oscillation (QBO) is also investigated. An important finding is that the variability of the hemispheric tropospheric temperature is well connected to

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Clouds blown by the solar wind

In this letter we investigate possible relationships between the cloud cover (CC) and the interplanetary electric field (IEF), which is modulated by the solar wind speed and the interplanetary magnetic field. We show that CC at mid–high latitudes systematically correlates with positive IEF, which has a clear energetic input into the atmosphere, but not with negative IEF, in general agreement with predictions of the global electric circuit (GEC)-related

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Measurements of Tropospheric NO2 in Romania Using a Zenith-Sky Mobile DOAS System and Comparisons with Satellite Observations

In this paper we present a new method for retrieving tropospheric NO2 Vertical Column Density (VCD) from zenith-sky Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) measurements using mobile observations. This method was used during three days in the summer of 2011 in Romania, being to our knowledge the first mobile DOAS measurements peformed in this country. The measurements were carried out over large and different areas using a mobile DOAS

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High-precision measurement of satellite velocity using the EISCAT radar
Persistent solar signatures in cloud cover: spatial and temporal analysis

A consensus regarding the impact of solar variability on cloud cover is far from being reached. Moreover, the impact of cloud cover on climate is among the least understood of all climate components. This motivated us to analyze the persistence of solar signals in cloud cover for the time interval 1984–2009, covering two full solar cycles. A spatial and temporal investigation of the response of low, middle and high cloud data to cosmic ray induced

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An olden but golden EISCAT observation of a quiet-time ionospheric trough

Incoherent scatter measurements were carried out on 9 November 1987, showing the presence of an ionospheric trough in the F region. The experiment was made using the EISCAT UHF radar, and it consisted of an azimuthal scan with constant beam elevation and a meridional scan. Since the radar rotates with the Earth, beams with different directions from subsequent scans meet in the same MLT-CGMLat pixel in non-rotating frame. If the ionosphere is not

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The role of electric field and neutral wind in the generation of polar cap sporadic E
Are Some Clouds Obscured in Satellite View?
Implementing a sea pollution and safety management system in the navigation companies
Wind-shear effect on the instabilities in the mid-latitude E region plasma