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Registre du jeu comme compétence langagiere : l’objet en action dans la communication des jeunes via le SMS

In this article, we propose a relationship between two aspects, communication and uses, that seems to us necessary in the constitution of text messaging (SMS) as an object of research. Our interest, therefore, is the study the discourses specific to youth culture, in terms of practices as well as representations, while focusing especially on the their ways of constructing strategies to overcome the constraints of the technical object (texting has

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Le SMS chez les jeunes. Premiers éléments de réflexion, a partir d’un point de vue ethnolinguistique

The SMS (pour Short Messages Service ou textos) is today an phenomenon which is taken into account by the society. It determines the creations of different discourses and representations. We can describe here the mess-media discourse, those of theachers, and, at the level of attitudes, the television shows who are encouraging the usage of this service, or even certain websites, who has been created specially to present the SMS as a world in itself.

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SMS-ul – practicã de scriiturã contemporanã şi cultura juvenilã

Result of an ethnographic work carried out for three years among the teenagers in Bucharest and Brussels, the current article concerns the various modes of appropriation and transformation of the SMS. There are two dimensions taken into account: the use with communication aims and the use as strategy of identity construction. With regard to the "communicational” dimension, it is a question of exploring the use of the SMS as means of communication,

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Viaţa monasticã şi ce ştim despre ea – încercare de antropologie religioasã

The present article aims to open new paths in anthropological research in Romania. It is an essay of religious anthropology, presenting very shortly the specificity of monastical life, with application on Cozia monastery. We tried to hypothesize that all religions are based, at the level of symbolic construction and representation,on the same ideas. The religious practices are the ones that are different.

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Antropologia reflexivã sau antropologia culturalã astãzi

The article debates a very contemporary subject in cultural anthropology: how reflexive can the researcher be? How does he construct himself in relation to a new field? We analyzed the classical research methods in anthropology and we aimed the importance of reflexive attitude in the narrative speech: the researcher has to write about the way that he represented himself during the experience on the field. He has to make it visible.

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