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Some properties of xanthan gum in aqueous solutions: effect of temperature and pH
Rheological investigation of poly(vinyl alcohol)/poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) mixtures in aqueous solution and hydrogel state
Dual crosslinked iminoboronate-chitosan hydrogels with strong antifungal activity against Candida planktonic yeasts and biofilms
Chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol)/LDH biocomposites with pH-sensitive properties
pH influence on rheological and structural properties of chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol)/layered double hydroxide composites
In-situ gelling system based on Pluronic F127 and poly(vinyl alcohol) for the smart biomaterials
Viscoelastic properties of Laponite RD dispersions containing PEO with different molecular weights
Effect of cryogenic treatment on the rheological properties of chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels
Tailoring of clay/poly(ethylene oxide) hydrogel properties by chitosan incorporation
Intrinsic viscosity and conformational parameters of xanthan in aqueous solutions: Salt addition effect