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High Average Power Diode End-Pumped Composite Nd:YAG Laser Passively Q-switched by Cr4+:YAG Saturable Absorber
Spectroscopy and laser emission under hot band resonant pump in highly doped Nd:YAG ceramics
Diode end-pumped passively Q-switched Nd: YAG laser intra-cavity frequency doubled by LBO crystal
Laser emission under resonant pump in the emitting level of concentrated Nd laser materials
Laser emission in highly-doped Nd:YAG crystals under 4F5/2 and 4F3/2 pump
Comparative investigation of spectroscopic and laser emission characteristics under direct 885-nm pump of concentrated Nd:YAG ceramics and crystals
Highly efficient laser emission in concentrated Nd:YVO4 components under direct pumping into the emitting level
Efficient laser emission in concentrated Nd laser materials under pumping into the emitting level
1064-nm laser emission of highly doped Nd:Yttrium aluminum garnet under 885-nm diode laser pumping
Diode edge-pumped microchip composite Yb:YAG laser