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Q-switched Nd lasers pumped directly into the 4F3/2 emitting level
High-temperature operation of a diode-pumped passively Q-switched Nd:YAG/Cr4+:YAG laser
In-band pumping of Nd-based solid-state lasers
Efficient 1.34-microns laser emission of Nd-doped vanadates under in-band pumping with diode lasers
In-band pumping of Nd-vanadate thin-disk lasers
Multipass pumped Nd-based thin-disk lasers: continuous-wave laser operation at 1.06 and 0.9 microns with intracavity frequency doubling
Continuous-wave simultaneous dual-wavelength operation at 912 nm and 1063 nm in Nd:GdVO4
Improved pump-beam distribution in a diode side-pumped solid-state laser with a highly-diffused, cross-axis beam delivery system
100-W, 100-h external green generation with Nd:YAG rod master-oscillator power-amplifier system
Radial-Pumped Microchip High-Power Composite Yb:YAG Laser: Design and Power Characteristics