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From Consensus to Responsibility as Solidarity or How does discursive ethics overcome its critiques?

Jonas claims that Kant's error concerning his categorical imperative lies in the fact that it entails the existence of a human community. While this fact was obvious for Kant, it is not an evidence anymore for Jonas. Kant's maxim, which calls for an accord between our reason and the way we act, must be reviewed because it does not take into consideration the emergency of the situation. Jonas gives an argument for a new form of ethical obligation

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Euthanasia – dialogue with Mark Bernstein

The paper aims to lay out the opinion of an American scholar regarding the question of euthanasia. As a hot topic in the US, euthanasia divides the society and often leaves no room for discussion. Is it relevant to raise the question of satisfactory ethical conditions regarding such a practice? Is the argument of the sanctity of life sufficient to ban this medical procedure? Is there a possibility for a consensus on euthanasia in a society in search

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Context, Structure, and Application – How does genetic testing challenge the Foucaldian model of biopower?

The main purpose of my paper is to show how the biopower model was born and to emphasize its strong actuality. Using the genealogical discursive explanation of this political structure, I would like to give a partial answer to Habermas’s critiques about the cryptonormative Foucaultian political philosophy. In order to explain an accurate functional evaluation of this model, it is necessary to point out three main aspects: (1) the birth of biopower

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