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VST-100 – An unortodox view about the propulsion and maneuverig of the ROVs

The paper presents the first romanian remotely operated vehicle with water jet propulsion, designed to be used in the offshore industry and for marine scientific research.

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Architecture du systeme de controle d’un vehicule sous-aquatique telecomande avec propulsion par jet

The paper presents the control system architecture of a ROV with water jet propulsion. The vehicle displacement is made by tilting nozzles used to orientate the water jet.

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Systeme de controle pour les vehicules sous-aquatiques telecommandes avec propulsion par jet.

This paper presents a displacement direction control system of the ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) with jet propulsion. The displacement direction selection is made by the proper position the nozzles uses to orientate the water jet with step-by-step motors

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Methode de simulation en temp reel des cibles hydroacoustiques

The paper presents a real-time simulation procedure of the hydroacoustic targets, based on the analysis of the ultra-sonic pulses received by the simulation installation. Taking into account the received signal characteristics, thei nstallation generates false echoes which simulates a target with certain strength and displacement velocity. The characteristics of false echoes are controlled by a processor or programming memories.

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