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Reliability modeling and optimisation for distributed fault-tolerant
A Decision Support System for Pollution Control in Cement Plants

The control of the pollution dynamic supposes the control of the whole pollution chain, starting from production planning and ending with pollution parameter measurements. This paper describes a software system that will scan the pollution activity specific for cement plants and will propose logistical solutions with the purpose of pollution control so that the costs of pollution reduction are minimized.

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The Optimization of Complex Systems Reliability by Allocation Technique,PhD Thesis,Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest
On Using Soft Computing Techniques in Software Reliability Engineering
Total Quality for Software Engineering Management

Handbook of Reliability Engineering Pham, Hoang (Ed.) 2003, XXXI, 663 p., Hardcover ISBN: 1-85233-453-3 Ready for shipping within 3 days. 199,95 € About this book | Table of contents | Sample pages About this book An effective reliability programme is an essential component of every product's design, testing and efficient production. From the failure analysis of a microelectronic device to software fault tolerance and from the accelerated life

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