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A Probabilistic-Fuzzy Approach for TQSEM
Considerations Concerning a Fuzzy – Genetic Algorithm with Application to CEM I Type Cements Quality Optimization
On using chained neural networks for software reliability prediction,

To predict the reliability of a software system based on inter-failure time series, neural net-works can be used to learn about the software behaviour. The paper considers the DLS (discounted least square) principle for constructing a learning algorithm. Various circular back-propagation networks are ex-perimented with a large number of inter-failure time series available for some projects. In order to deal also with multiple steps time series prediction,

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Addressing Time Series Modelling, Analysis and Forecasting in e-learning Environments
On Using Soft Computing Techniques in Software Reliability Engineering
On Using Six Sigma Methodology for Software Quality Assurance
A fuzzy approach to software testing and debugging, Safety and Reliability for Managing Risk
Computer Aided Statistical Modelling fights pollution
Considerations Regarding the Maintenance of the Management for „k from N” Structures