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Mănăstiri și orașe în țările române: evoluții în secolele XIV-XVII

Mănăstiri și orașe în țările române: evoluții în secolele XIV-XVII, în “Historia Urbana”, XXII (2014), p. 85-116

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Orasul, orasenii si banii: atitudini, activitati, institutii, implicatii
Orasele din tarile romane in evul mediu (sfarsitul sec. al XIII-lea – inceputul sec. al XVI-lea)
At Europe’s Borders: Medieval Towns in the Romanian Principalities

This work focuses on the emergence and the development of medieval towns in the two Romanian principalities of South-Eastern Europe, Wallachia and Moldavia, from their earliest days, in the 13th century, up to the 16th. It is the only work of its kind in English, but at the same time the first in the field seeking to identify and substantiate common elements between towns in this area of Europe. It also covers Poland, Hungary and the lands south

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Civilizatia urbana din spatiul romanesc in secolele XVI-XVIII. Studii si documente
Between Free Passage and Restriction. Roads and Bridges in the Towns of Wallachia and Moldavia (16th-18th century)

Paper presented at the conference dedicated to Communication in Towns, organized by the International Commission for the History of Towns, Zagreb - Croatia, September 2006 (volume published in 2008). Abstract: Similarly to other towns of Medieval Europe, inner town communications stood for a significant element in the development of urban centers in Romanian-inhabited areas as well. Roads did not only allow for the carrying of news and military operations;

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Orasul din spatiul romanesc intre Orient si Occident. Tranzitia de la medievalitate la modernitate
De la Cetatea lui Dumnezeu la Edictul din Nantes. Izvoare de istorie medievala (secolele V-XVI)

Source collection (regarding Western medieval history).

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Orasele din Tara Romaneasca pana la sfarsitul secolului al XVI-lea

The book with the title: Towns from Wallachia until the end of the XVIth century deals with the urban phenomenon, trying to fill a historiographical gap. The founding of medieval cities is a complex process, taking place over two centuries, a simultaneous phenomenon with the defining process of statal formation of Walachia (13th-14th centuries). We have tried to show that, to the urban development, several elements made their contribution: economy

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