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The effect of low level laser therapy on surgical wound healing

Surgical wounds are superficial or deep wounds on skin or mucous membranes due to a surgical intervention using a scalpel to cut through skin or mucosa and the underlying tissue. The wound treatment costs in terms of finance and time are relatively high; the complete wound healing lasts 3 weeks. To reduce this period of healing of surgical wound and avoid complications, therapeutic methods and drug are used in postoperative period. One of these methods

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The characterization of the radioactivity in the Cacica salt mine

This paper presents the radioactive characterization (alfa-beta, gamma, radon and tritium) of the Cacica salt mine located in the Suceava county for speleotherapeutycal and medical purposes and for balneary and climatic tourism. The measurements have been made in situ and on samples of salt and water taken from the interior of the mine. These measurements were made as a part of a complex study from a radioactive, medical and biological point of view

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Measurements of long-life radionuclides are developing worldwide by radiometric techniques and mass spectrometry methods too. Both methods offer advantages and disadvantages. In tandem, AMS and LSC techniques provide a powerful working tool. So the techniques provide comparable data for the same types of samples and can support each other in creating a database for a given area, such as the area of Romania. Moreover, ultra low level LSC may be an

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Use of KCl reference samples to calibrate the efficiency of a gross alpha/beta counting system MPC 2000

Several methods were used for the efficiency calibration of a counting system ORTEC PROTEAN MPC-2000-DP by using KCl reference samples (reference sources of naturally radioactive potassium chloride), along with 241Am and 90(Sr-Y) radioactive sources. The operations were part of gross alpha and beta counts in various samples at the IFIN-HH SALMROM Laboratory specializing in the spectroscopic survey of the environment and radioactive materials.

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Evaluation of the radon concentration in Ocna Dej salt mine,

Measurement of radon is of interest both for the health risk assessment and development of radon therapy in enclosed spaces like as caves, mines and spas. In Romania, radon therapy is not in use, yet. The development of this treatment method in mines from our country involves primarily, the evaluation of radon levels in the salt mines. In this paper, the results of radon gas measurement that were performed at Ocna Dej salt mine (Romania) are presented.

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