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First steps in Romania converging toward the GlobalSoilMap specifications
Soil legacy data rescue via GlobalSoilMap and other international and national initiatives

Legacy soil data have been produced over 70 years in nearly all countries of the world. Unfortunately, data, information and knowledge are still currently fragmented and at risk of getting lost if they remain in a paper format. To process this legacy data into consistent, spatially explicit and continuous global soil information, data are being rescued and compiled into databases. Thousands of soil survey reports and maps have been scanned and made

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Satellite derived leaf area index from SPOT time series, In: Proc. Int. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symp. IGARSS’03,Vol. 1, pp. 155-157
Evaluation of SPOT/HRV data over temporal series. In Proc. of Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 4, pp. 2209 – 2211. IEEE, 2003.

The objectives of this study is to evaluate SPOT/HRV data as acquired during the ADAM project. Between October 200 and July 2001, 39 SPOT/HRV images have been collected. They correspond to SPOT 1, 2 and 4. The consistency between images was analysed over a 10×10 km2 area of agricultural crops located near Bucharest in Romania. The day to day signals show significant variations that could not be easily interpreted in terms of the surface characteristics.

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Surface soil moisture estimation from SAR data over wheat fields . In Proc. of Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 4, pp. 2885 – 2887. IEEE, 2003.

Surface soil moisture estimation from SAR (ERS-2 and Radarsat) images was investigated using the "water-cloud" model. It was verified that the "water-cloud" model can adequately represent the backscattering coefficients over winter wheat fields, during the entire growing season, as a function of canopy water content and surface soil moisture.

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Evaluation of remote sensing data for urban planning. Applicative examples by means of multispectral and hyperspectral data. In Proc. of Remote Sensing and Data Fusion over Urban Areas , 1, pp. 201-205. IEEE, 2003.

Most city planners and managers already recognize that urban areas require careful design/re-design and considered management, based on resource sustainability criteria. Involved aspects range from protection of natural and human resources, wise energy and water management, reduction of air pollution and traffic control, health and well-being of population, safeguard of cultural heritage, comfort standards in residential districts, industrial production,

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Drought-related variables over the Barlad basin (Eastern Romania) under climate change scenarios. Catena, 141, pp. 92-99, 2016.

The goal of this study is the assessment of the future evolution of monthly temperature and precipitation and their influences exerted on droughts occurring in the Barlad river basin (Eastern Romania). We have used recent results of experiments based on regional and global climate models under the Representative Concentration Pathway (RCPs) scenarios (RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5), which have been made accessible thanks to the EUROCORDEX initiative. The impact

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KALIDEOS ADAM : SYNTHESE ET RETOUR D’ EXPERIENCE. In: Revue Française de Photogrammétrie et de Télédétection, 197, pp. 112-118, 2012.

Le projet de recherche ADAM a été une coopération scientifique entre la France et la Roumanie dédiée ŕ l’Assimilation de Données spatiales par Agro-Modélisation, dont le promoteur et commanditaire a été le Centre National d’Études Spatiales. Le papier présente les principales approches utilisées et les résultats novateurs obtenus dans ADAM : constitution de la première base de données de télédétection de référence, production

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Combining chlorophyll meter readings and high spatial resolution remote sensing images for in-season site-specific nitrogen management of corn . Precision Agriculture, 10, pp. 45-62, 2009.

The chlorophyll meter (CM) has been commonly used for in-season nitrogen (N) management of corn (Zea mays L.). Nevertheless, it has limited potential for site-specific N management in large fields due to difficulties in using it to generate N status maps. The objective of this study was to determine how well CM readings can be estimated using aerial hyperspectral and simulated multi-spectral remote sensing images at different corn growth stages.

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The ADAM project (Assimilation of Spatial Data within Agriculture Models) was aiming at the development and evaluation of methods capable of exploiting high revisit frequency and high spatial satellite observations. The intensive experimental campaign conducted in 2000– 2001 over wheat crops yielded a unique database where frequent satellite observations at high spatial resolution in the solar and microwave domains were made concurrently to ground

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