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Elements sustaining the lobby for the restoration of the Big Island of Braila (Danube floodplain)

There is not yet a consensus about how to restore the Lower Danube River System (LDRS), and in particular one of its subsystems, the Big Island of Braila (BIB). In this context, the aims of our study were 1) to identify elements for a cost-benefits analysis of the utilization of BIB 2) to identify the potential interests of the users, and 3) to provide extra arguments, at detailed level, about the opportunity of performing restoration activities

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Emergent properties of the Lower Danube River System: consequences for the integrated monitoring system

The Lower Danube River Systems (LDRS) is a complex system composed of natural ecological systems (NES) and socio-economic systems (SES). This paper presents the emergent properties of the components of the LDRS (NES, SES, and SES-NES systems) and suggests indicators which would have to be assessed by the integrated monitoring system. The method consists of processing the information about socio-environmental systems, about resources and services

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