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Systemic theory applied to ecology, geography and spatial planning. Theoretical and methodological developments

Starting from a critical comparative analysis of how the systemic conception is applied in geography, ecology and spatial planning, with a particular focus on the new concept of 'territorial system', the book demonstrates the hypothesis according to which the transfer of statistical methods currently used to study ecological systems toward the analysis of territorial systems is not only possible, but also beneficial based on theoretical foundations

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25 years of sustainability. A critical analysis

25 years have passed since the 'Brundtland Report' defined sustainability as a possibility to equally meet current and future needs. 15 years later, the author of the definition stated that despite of the fact that the definition does not need to be changed, its understanding bettered off during the interval. 25 years later, the present paper takes an in-depth look at the concept and its practical implications. One of the issues being addressed refers

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Difficulties in achieving social sustainability in a biosphere reserve