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Adriana Vâlcu


Institutul Naţional de Metrologie, Bucureşti, .

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Nascut(a) in: 1956

Interese: Kilogramul Prototip National, metrologia in domeniul mase, aparate de cantarit, balante, greutati, metode de regresie, metode de subdivizare, comparari interlaboratoare, etalonari de greutati, etalonari de balante, verificari in domeniul mase

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Participation in:
• Preservation, maintenance and use of the national mass measurement standard, the National Prototype Kilogram no. 2
• responsible for dissemination of mass unit from the National Prototype of the Kilogram to the reference standards and further down to working standards, between 1 mg and 1000 kg.
• Research for the development of the national and reference measurement standards and to ensure the traceability to the SI units and in the field of mass metrology.
• Preparing written standards, technical norms and procedures used in the calibration, verification and testing in the field of mass metrology.
• Participating/responsible in international comparisons measurements.
• Participating as responsible in national inter-laboratory comparisons.
• Performing tests as part of type evaluation and pattern evaluation for mass measures (weights), weighing instruments and instruments measuring the hectoliter mass.
• Cooperation with other Romanian institutions and similar institutes from abroad.
• Consultancy and training on issues related to the theory and practice of measurements.
• Participating as technical expert to authorize personal from metrology laboratories.
• Responsible for quality assurance in Mass Laboratory and also in Mechanical Quantities Laboratory

Publicații selectate:

* Adriana Valcu, Interlaboratory Comparison of Five Standard Weights of Class F2 in Several Romanian Laboratories, SPRINGER, SPRINGER , MAPAN Journal, 27, 2012.