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Raluca Tiron


Commissariat a l'energie atomique, CEA/LETI, Grenoble, .

E-mail: trimite un mesaj.

Pagina web a instituţiei:

Nascut(a) in: 1977

Interese: microelectronica, fizica mezoscopica

flag Details:

2005 Resercher advanced lithography process and resist characterisation CEA/LETI, Grenoble, France
2004-2005 Post doc e-beam lithography, CEA/LETI, Grenoble, France
2001-2004 PhD in physics, Josephe Fourier University, Grenoble, France
1999-2001 M.Sc material science, Josephe Fourier University, Grenoble, France
1996-1999 University of Bucharest, Romania

Publicații selectate:

* Samir Derrough, Raluca Tiron, and Claire Sourd, Damien Perret, James W. Thackeray, Patrick Paniez , Continuous evolution of lithographic films through process steps: an example with 193 chemically amplified resists, Proc. SPIE, 7639, 2010.

* Raluca Tiron, Samir Derrough, Hervé Fontaine, Sylviane Cetre, Damien Perret, James W. Thackeray, Patrick Paniez , 193nm resist deprotection study from outgassing measurements by TD-GCMS/FID, Proc. SPIE, 7545, 2010.

* 1. M. Py, J. P. Barnes, M. Charbonneau, R. Tiron, J. Buckley, Investigation of fullerene depth distribution in PMMA-C60 blends using dual beam ToF-SIMS, Surface and Interface Analysis, 43 (issue 1-2), 2010.

* E. Ismailova, R. Tiron, C.L. Chochos, C. Brochon, P. Bandelier, D. Perret, C. Sourd, C. Brault, C. A. Serra, G. Schlatter, G. Hadziioannou, - Impact of molecular structure of polymer in 193 nm resist performance, Microelec. Eng, 2008.

* , C.L. Chochos, E. Ismailova, C. Brochon, N. Leclerc, R. Tiron, C. Sourd, P. Bandelier, J. Foucher, H. Ridaoui, A. Dirani, O. Soppera, D. Perret, C. Brault, C. A. Serra, G. Hadziioannou,  Hyperbranched polymers for photolithographic applications - towards understanding the relationship between chemical structure of polymer resin and lithographic performances, Adv. Mat., 2008.

* R. Tiron, C. Petitdidier, C. Sourd, D. De Simone, G. Cotti, E. Annoni, and B. Mortini, Resist evaluation for contact hole patterning with thermal flow process, Proc of SPIE, 2007.

* C. Petitdidier, R. Tiron, S. Derrough, C. Sourd, L. Koscianski, and B. Mortini, Mechanical dynamical analysis of ultra thin resist films for microlithography applications, Proc SPIE, 2007.

* R. Tiron, L. Mollard, O. Louveau, E. Lajoinie, Ultrahigh-resolution pattern using electron-beam lithography HF wet etching, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B, 25, 2007.

* R. Tiron, C. Sourd, H. Fontaine, S. Cetre, B. Mortini, Resist and BARC outgassing measured by TD-GCMS: investigation during the exposure or the bake steps of the lithographic process, Proc of SPIE, 2007.

* , R. Tiron, C. De Nadaï, C. Constancias, JY. Robic, JP Gouy, Fabrication and characterisation of nanoscale programmed defects for EUV lithography, Microelectronic Engineering, 83, 2006.

* S. Audran, B. Faure, B. Mortini, and C. Aumont, R. Tiron, C. Zinck, Y. Sanchez, C. Fellous, J. Regolini, and J. P. Reynard, G. Schlatter and G. Hadziioannou, Study of dynamical formation and shape of microlenses formed by the reflow method , Proc of SPIE, 2006.

* . H. Tortai, J. Thiault, R. Tiron, L. Mollard, S.Haefele, S.LVychub, J. Lewellen, and P. Brooker, Gaussian beam writing strategy: accuracy of using the shape beam simulator SELID for Gaussian beam systems, Proc of SPIE, 82, 2005.

* Raluca TIRON, Quantum Tunneling of magnetisation in coupled molecular magnets, 2004.

* R.Tiron at al, Hexacynanometalate molecular chemistry: Trinuclear CrNi2 complexes: MicroSQUID magnetisation studies of intermolecular interactions, Polyhedron, 22, 2003.

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* R. Tiron ,W. Wernsdorfer , D. Foguet-Albiol, N. Aliaga-Alcade, G. Christou, Spin quantum tunneling via entagled states in a dimer of exchange coupled single-moleculare magnets, Phys. Rev. Lett, 91, 2003.

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* Radu Vasilache, Raluca Tiron, Sorin Tanase, Characteristics of TLD-100 fading and its influence on the calibration of personal dosimetry, Radiation protection dosimetry, 85, 1999.