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High-Resolution Carbonate Content Estimated from Diffuse Spectral Reflectance for Leg 172 Sites

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Autori: Giosan, L., Flood, R.D., Grützner, J., Franz, S.-O., Poli, M.-S., and Hagen, S

Editorial: Keigwin, L.D., Rio, D., Acton, G.D., and Arnold, E., ODP Leg 172 Scientific Results, 172, 2001.


Visual-domain diffuse reflectance data collected aboard the JOIDES Resolution with the Minolta spectrometer CM-2002 during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 172 have been used to estimate successfully the carbonate content of sediments. Calibration equations were developed for each site and for each lithostratigraphic unit (or subunit at Site 1063) using multiple linear regression on raw as well as pretreated reflectance spectra (i.e., first-order derivation and squaring of raw reflectance spectra) for a total of 4141 direct carbonate measurements. The root-mean-square errors of 4% to 7% are within the range of previous estimates using diffuse reflectance data and are acceptable for the general extensive range of carbonate contents (i.e., 0-70 wt%) that characterize sedimentation at Leg 172 sites.

Cuvinte cheie: inversion of physical properties, sediment color