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Magnetic Fluids and Magnetic Bacteria

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Autori: M-I. Piso, R. Popa, L. Vekas

Editorial: S. Odenbach, Cont. Papers to the 11th Int. Conference of Magnetic Fluids and Applications, 2001.


The present paper is an attempt to find definite analogies between some outstanding features of the magnetic fluids and the magnetic bacteria, as model and experimental levels. An ap-propriate study of the common and complementary features could conduct to the idea of gen-erating some common systems / aggregates. A living system – a culture of magnetic bacteria could be “coupled” with a magnetic fluid system. The structure of the latest could be influ-enced and determined by means of external electromagnetic fields.
As a first experimental attempt, cultures of magnetic bacteria were treated with diluted mag-netic liquids. Studies on the survivability were performed for different magnetic particle con-centrations.
This is a work common developed by Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Californian Institute of Technology, Pasadena, together with the Institute of Space Science in Bucharest and the Institue of Complex Fluids Timisoara, under a ROSA grant.

Cuvinte cheie: magnetic gluids, magnetic bacteria, magnetotactic