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Formation Flying through Geodesic Motion and the Different Geometrical Requirements
GOLIAT space mission: Earth Observation and Near Earth Environment Monitoring Using Nanosatellites
Space programme in Romania – Sharing between national and international activities
Satellite applications for telehealth in the developing world
Dynamics of Large Object Removal Systems

Mechanisms and procedures to remove space debris are to be developed in the next future. The general problem of dynamics for a system formed of a remover space vehicle and a removed object is treated. Particular cases of tethered systems are in correlation with the TERESA concept. A model for a remover vehicle is proposed, provided with a remote controlled tethered subsystem to be connected with the removed object. The motion of deployment of a system

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Magnetic Fluids and Magnetic Bacteria

The present paper is an attempt to find definite analogies between some outstanding features of the magnetic fluids and the magnetic bacteria, as model and experimental levels. An ap-propriate study of the common and complementary features could conduct to the idea of gen-erating some common systems / aggregates. A living system – a culture of magnetic bacteria could be “coupled” with a magnetic fluid system. The structure of the latest could

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Network of Research and Education in Space Science and Technology for Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe

The concept of an Central, Eastern and South Eastern countries Network for Education and Research in Space Science and Technology is given. Appropriate analysis of naitonal space developments of the countries in the region directed to a common system for higher education and related research projects of regional relevance.

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Indirect evidence for the existence of gravitational waves

Starting from a stati spherically symmetric solution of the Einstein's field equaitons in the second approximation in the perfect fluid scheme, in the exterior of the source, the corresponding metrics depend on a dimensionless parameter alpha. Taking the Sun for the source, the influence of alpha on the classical Solar System tests of the general relativity is estimated, the only alpha-dependent being the Shapiro radar-echo experiment. performing

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Short Range 1/R2 Experiments

A short-range experimental setup to determine the 1+e inverse square law in terms of Yukawa potential, developed in GRL Bucharest, is described. The gravitational dynamic field is generated by a mass quadrupole magnetically levitated. The detector is resonant Al5056 multipole. The noise damper is magnetofluidic assisted.

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Terrestrial Sources of Gravitational Radiation

By means of fourth order tensor linearization, a practival formula to calculate the total energy released in a transient gravitational source event is given. A classification of terrestrial sources of gravitational radiation is given (earthquakes, thermo-nuclear explosions).

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