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Autori: Mariana Rusu, Adrian-Raul Tomsa, Dan Rusu, Ionel Haiduc

Editorial: Synth. React. Inorg. Met. -Org. Chem., 29(6), p.951-965, 1999.


Mono- or bis(organoelement)-substituted Keggin molybdotungstophosphates K4[C6H5SnPMo2W9O39]·14H2O, K4[C4H9SnPMo2W9O39]·14H2O, K3[(C2H3Si)2 PMo2W9O40]·17H2O, tris(organoelement)-substituted Keggin tungstophosphates and tungstoarsenates Cs12[(C4H9SnOH)3(PW9O34)2]·19H2O, K11H[(C2H3SiOH)3(PW9O34)2] ·14H2O, Cs12[(C4H9SnOH)3(AsW9O33)2]·43H2O, Cs12[(C2H3SiOH)3(AsW9O33)2] ·12H2O, and mono- or bis(organoelement)-substituted pseudo-Keggin tungstoantimonates and tungstobismutates K4[(C4H9SnOH)SbW11O38H]·12H2O, K2[(C2H3Si)2SbW11O39H]·16H2O, K4[(C4H9SnOH)BiW11O38H]·10H2O) and K2[(C2H3Si)2BiW11O39H]·14H2O, have been prepared by reaction of organoelement trichlorides with [PMo2W9O39]7-, [PW9O34]9-, [HAsW9O33]8-, [HSbW11O38]6- and [HBiW11O38]6-, respectively. The products were characterized by elemental and thermal analyses, UV, IR and 1H, 13C, 31P NMR spectroscopy. The results of these studies suggest that the compounds obtained from Keggin trilacunary anions are 2:3 sandwich-type complexes, and those obtained from monolacunary Keggin anions are 1:1 open-type complexes.

Cuvinte cheie: inorganic, metal-organic