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{Mo96La8} Eggshell Ring and Self-Assembly to {Mo132} Keplerate through Mo-blue Intermediate, Involved in UV-Photolysis of [Mo7O24]6-/Carboxylic Acid System at pH 4
A new family of oxime-based hexa nuclear manganese(III) single molecule magnets with high anisotropy energy barriers
Gated and Differently Functionalized (New) Porous Capsules Direct Encapsulates Structures: Higher and Lower Density Water
„Synthesis and characterisation of two new lanthanide sandwich-type heteropolyoxometalates.”

The sodium and cesium salts of two new heteropolyoxometalate complexes [{Ln3O3(OH2)2}(PW9O34)2]15- were synthesized and studied using spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry. The stoichiometry of the trilacunary Keggin 9-tungstophosphate reaction with Ln(III) ions was detd. with the aid of conductometric titrns. of aq. solns. Ion-exchange as well as ES-MS expts. provided evidence for covalent, inner-sphere bonding of lanthanide cations to the trilacunary

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„Synthesis and Characterization of K6[Ti(H2O)P2MoW16O61]·17H2O, a Ti(IV) Derivative of Monolacunary Wells-Dawson 16-Tungsto-Molybdo-2-Phosphate”

Monolacunary Wells-Dawson 16-tungsto-molybdo-phosphate [P2MoW16O61]10- reacts with [Ti(H2O)6]4+ in aqueous solution to give the [Ti(H2O)P2MoW16O61]6- complex, isolated as the potassium salt. Optimal synthesis conditions were established by spectrophotometric and conductometric studies. The molecular formula of the complex was determined by elemental analysis, thermogravimetric analysis and basicity titration. The Ti(IV) complex was further characterized

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Two tris(oxouranium)-substitued Keggin and Dawson sandwich-type tungstophosphate heteropolyanions Na12[(UO)3(H2O)6(PW9O34)2]·21 H2O (1) and Na18[(UO)3(H2O)6(P2W15O56)2]·27 H2O (2) have been prepared by reaction of uranium sulphate with [PW9O34]9- and [P2W15O56]12-, respectively, in aqueous media at 4.7 pH. The products were characterized by elemental and thermal analyses, IR, UV-Vis spectroscopy and magnetical susceptibility. The results of these

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Mono- or bis(organoelement)-substituted Keggin molybdotungstophosphates K4[C6H5SnPMo2W9O39]·14H2O, K4[C4H9SnPMo2W9O39]·14H2O, K3[(C2H3Si)2 PMo2W9O40]·17H2O, tris(organoelement)-substituted Keggin tungstophosphates and tungstoarsenates Cs12[(C4H9SnOH)3(PW9O34)2]·19H2O, K11H[(C2H3SiOH)3(PW9O34)2] ·14H2O, Cs12[(C4H9SnOH)3(AsW9O33)2]·43H2O, Cs12[(C2H3SiOH)3(AsW9O33)2] ·12H2O, and mono- or bis(organoelement)-substituted pseudo-Keggin tungstoantimonates

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