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Computer Hardware and Software Interfaces: Why The Elderly Are Underrepresented as Computer Users

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Autori: Alexander Bucur and Sunkyo Kwon

Editorial: CyberPsychology and Behavior, 2 (6), p.535-543, 1999.


Discusses the evolution of computer interface design and how developmental changes in computer design blocked or increased access to and ownership of personal computers, particularly in the case of the elderly. Eight distinct periods can be discerned in the history of computer interfaces: in only the last few of these periods, particularly the period 1998-1999, have the needs of larger audiences been addressed. The elderly have not been resistant to computers; rather, computers have not been sophisticated enough to allow input/output devices and interfaces that were user-friendly. Rapid changes in computer technology and design will increase computer usage by older users and developers will need guidance to ensure that computer-user interaction is properly designed and implemented.

Cuvinte cheie: calculatoare, oameni batrini, interfata de calcualatoare // computer usage, computer interfaces, elderly, aging