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Social Mobility Across Three Generations

This article examines differences in patterns of social mobility experienced by 3 generations (grandparents, parents, and children) within the same family lineages. Using data from the Longitudinal Study of Generations, it was found that each successive generation of offspring has had higher occupational attainment than the one before. However, the rate of upward mobility has slowed across generations. Moreover, the association between parents' socioeconomic

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Family Structure and Social Mobility

Family structure during childhood can have varying effects on men's socioeconomic attainment & social mobility. Holding origin occupational characteristics constant, national survey data from both white & African American men from a mother-headed family structure do as well as men from two-biological-parent families. In contrast, there is a negative effect of other types of family structures (father-headed, stepfamily) on socioeconomic attainment.

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Computer Hardware and Software Interfaces: Why The Elderly Are Underrepresented as Computer Users

Discusses the evolution of computer interface design and how developmental changes in computer design blocked or increased access to and ownership of personal computers, particularly in the case of the elderly. Eight distinct periods can be discerned in the history of computer interfaces: in only the last few of these periods, particularly the period 1998-1999, have the needs of larger audiences been addressed. The elderly have not been resistant

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How Do Older Netcitizens Compare with Their Younger Counterparts?

Compared senior citizens' use of the Internet compared to the general population. Data from 2 surveys were analyzed: (1) a web-based longitudinal survey, the Georgia Tech University WWW User Survey and (2) the Current Population Survey (US Bureau of Census, March 1997). Results show several age-based differences in how the Internet is used. All Ss used email and read news, but Ss aged 65+ yrs were less likely to search the Internet, shop online,

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Technology for Internet-based Gerontology Courses
A Prospective Study of the Effect of Fracture on Measured Physical Performance: Results from the MacArthur Study

To examine the impact of fractures on measured physical performance and to assess whether specific fractures have unique sequelae. SUBJECTS: 762 men and women, aged 70 to 79 at baseline, who were part of the MacArthur Study of Successful Aging. DESIGN: A longitudinal case-cohort: those with prevalent fractures at baseline were excluded; cases were persons with a medically diagnosed hip, arm, spine, or wrist fracture during the follow-up period (1988-1995).

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