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Dynamics of Large Object Removal Systems

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Autori: I. Stroe, D.D. Prunariu, M.I. Piso, G.V. Manciu

Editorial: European Space Agency, Proc. Third European Conference on Space Debris, ESA SP-473, p.713, 2001.


Mechanisms and procedures to remove space debris are to be developed in the next future. The general problem of dynamics for a system formed of a remover space vehicle and a removed object is treated. Particular cases of tethered systems are in correlation with the TERESA concept. A model for a remover vehicle is proposed, provided with a remote controlled tethered subsystem to be connected with the removed object. The motion of deployment of a system of two tethered particles and the relative motion of tethered bodies are analysed and nunmerical results are presented.

Cuvinte cheie: space debris, space dynamics, large orbital spacecraft