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Family Structure and Social Mobility

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Autori: Timothy Biblarz, Adrian Raftery, and Alexander Bucur

Editorial: Social Forces, 75 (4), p.1319-1341, 1997.


Family structure during childhood can have varying effects on men’s socioeconomic attainment & social mobility. Holding origin occupational characteristics constant, national survey data from both white & African American men from a mother-headed family structure do as well as men from two-biological-parent families. In contrast, there is a negative effect of other types of family structures (father-headed, stepfamily) on socioeconomic attainment. Also, intergenerational occupational inheritance – from either male or female family head to son – is strongest when the mother is present, weakest when the mother is absent. The farther alternative family structures take sons away from their mothers, the more the intergenerational transmission process breaks down.

Cuvinte cheie: structura familiei, mobilitate sociala // social mobility, family structure