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How Do Older Netcitizens Compare with Their Younger Counterparts?

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Autori: Alexander Bucur, Carl Renold, III, and Maria Henke

Editorial: CyberPsychology and Behavior, 2(6), p.505-513, 1999.


Compared senior citizens’ use of the Internet compared to the general population. Data from 2 surveys were analyzed: (1) a web-based longitudinal survey, the Georgia Tech University WWW User Survey and (2) the Current Population Survey (US Bureau of Census, March 1997). Results show several age-based differences in how the Internet is used. All Ss used email and read news, but Ss aged 65+ yrs were less likely to search the Internet, shop online, or buy tickets online. However, once older Ss became more experienced with the Internet, their online skills and activities were similar to those of younger Ss. Of experienced Internet users, Ss aged 65+ yrs were more likely to have placed orders, completed major purchases, bought books, and used directories, whereas younger Ss were more likely to have created and customized web pages or taken seminars online. Findings suggest that older citizens are becoming more involved in Internet use.

Cuvinte cheie: Internet, oameni batrini, utilizare de calculatoare // Internet, elderly, computer usage