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Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of Reactive Yellow 84 azo dye over heterogeneous catalyst

Domenii publicaţii > Chimie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în volumul unei conferinţe

Autori: Neamtu M., C. Catrinescu, A.Yediler, A. Kettrup

Editorial: Ed. Alfons Vogelpohl, Claustahl: Papierflieger Verlag, Germany, Oxidation Technologies for water and wastewater treatment - Special Topic: AOP´s for Recycling and Reuse, 1, p.899-904, 2003.


This paper evaluates the degradation of a reactive azo dye, Reactive Yellow 84, on three iron exchanged ultrastable Y zeolites by catalytic wet hydrogen peroxide oxidation (CWHPO). The catalysts were prepared by ion-exchange, starting from a commercially available ultrastable Y zeolite. All experiments were performed on a laboratory scale set-up. The results show that it is possible to remove 96.90% of color, 70.70% of COD and 34.52% of TOC using Fe-Y11.5 catalyst after the 60 minutes of oxidation at pH=5, t=50°C and 20 mmol H2O2/L. After the same reaction time and under the same conditions, using Fe-Y5 catalyst, 99.93% of color, more than 74.14% of COD and 64.21% of TOC were obtained. Using heterogeneous catalysts, it is possible to work at initial pH values close to 5.0 obtaining almost a total elimination of color and a significant COD/TOC removal, without generating additional pollution by iron hydroxide sludges. The most effective results were obtained by use of the Fe-Y5 zeolite.

Cuvinte cheie: CWPO, Reactive Yellow 84, USY-zeolites