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Complex Risks from Old Urban Waste Landfills: Sustainability Perspective from Iasi, Romania,
Ozone photolysis of paracetamol aqueous solution
Chemical, biological and ecotoxicological assessment of pesticides and persistent organic pollutants in Bahlui River, Romania
Simulated solar UV-irradiation of endocrine disrupting chemical octylphenol
ESTROM 2008 Conference 3-5 September 2008, Romanian Academy, Bucharest

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The effect of nitrate, Fe(III) and bicarbonate on the degradation of bisphenol A by simulated solar UV-irradiation

The photoinitiated degradation of bisphenol A (BPA, 520 mmol=L) was investigated using a solar simulator in the absence/presence of NO3 , Fe(III), and HCO3 . The concentrations of NO3 , Fe(III), and HCO3 were 0-160, 0-10, and 02820 mmol=L, respectively, and were chosen to simulate a natural aquatic environment. The experimental region was explored using a Box-Behnken design for three factors, extended to experimentally include all eight possible

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Photo-Fenton Oxidation of C. I. Reactive Yellow 84 (RY84) and C. I. Reactive Red 120 (RR120) azo dye aqueous solutions
Catalytic wet hydrogen peroxide oxidation of Reactive Procion Marine H-EXL dye solutions
Photodegradation of endocrine disrupting chemicals nonylphenol and octylphenol in River Rhine and Lake Hohloh waters.
Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of reactive azo dyes over iron-containing pillared beidellite catalyst.