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Is the state Intervention in Agriculture Desirable?

Domenii publicaţii > Economie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Felix H. Arion, C.C. Merce, C.D. Mihasan

Editorial: Symposium Innovacio a tudomany es gyakorlat egysege az ezredfordulo agrariumban, Sven Istavan University Debrecen, Hungary, p.240-245, 2002.


Preoccupation for adapting the role of sate in agricultural extension for supporting agricultural producers started long time ago, but its critical moment was in 1980’ in many countries form different continents and with diverse level of economical development, fact that suggests a global phenomena. But Government should desire to invest in agricultural extension when it considers that this represents an efficient instrument for promoting the national policy (generally speaking), or diverse national or regional aims – even if, sometime, those objectives can be in contradiction. Those contradictions must be solved by the agents of extension for not losing the trust of beneficiaries they have already won in the past.
Role of state was analysed using three inter-correlate characteristics, defined individual: efficacity, efficiency and responsibility. Responsibility is the institutionalized responsibility face to those that are affected by the actions, being, in that way, part of efficacity; only the institutions that are effective can be classified as being really efficient, in that sense, efficiency can be seen as the sum of the other two characteristics.
But, finally, it is considered that limits of state implication in agriculture are designed by market. Generally, the sate intervention is desirable in those areas in which market relations are failed, but must be avoided as much as possible if there are not cases of market dysfunctional – positive or negative – when consume of services or/and goods by the beneficiaries affects other beneficiaries too; lack of customers’ information etc. First step for obtaining economical efficiency is solving any macro economical distortions, having as results the apparition of market failure and the necessity of state intervention.

Cuvinte cheie: extension, government, effieciency // consultanta, stat, eficienta