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Non-conventional micro- and nanopatterning techniques for electroceramics

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Autori: M. Alexe, C. Harnagea and D. Hesse

Editorial: Journal of Electroceramics, 12(1-2), p.69-84, 2004.


An overview of non-conventional methods being used for micro- and nanopatterning of electroceramics is given, including various top-down and bottom-up approaches. Within the top-down approach, focussed ion beam patterning, electron-beam direct writing, nanoimprint lithography, and other next-generation lithography techniques are considered, whereas several physical and chemical self-patterning routes are described for the bottom-up approach. Also included is a chapter on ferroelectric testing of nanopatterned electroceramics, with emphasis laid on possibilities and limitations of piezoresponse scanning force microscopy.

Cuvinte cheie: electroceramic materials/thin films/nanostructures, surface patterning, electron beam patterning, nanoimprint lithography, self - patterning, size-effects, scanning probe microscopy